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Used Car Classifieds - (Item 5 of 6)
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85 Cx Prestige
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Ad #: 00036459
Make: Citroen
Color: Sea Green
Model: Cx
Sub-model: Prestige
Engine/Gearbox: 25ie Automatic
Seller's Name: Miles Potter
Contact Phone: 8317869347
Contact Email:
Car's Location: Santa Cruz
model year: 
Odometer Total:    miles
Price: 12,000.00 US$

You won't find a series 1 Prestige nicer than this. Imported by Anders Kampe, this car does not have any of the CXA modifications. It came with the Swedish smog control system, which include EGR which necessitate a cast aluminum intake plenum instead of the stock plastic one. The EGR has been removed but we kept the cast metal intake. We updated to the last German model Bosch injection computer with lamda control built in. Perfect smog control without the performance hit caused by the CXA system or the Swedish EGR. It has a California BAR sticker and bar code with smog specs. I have had this car for 30 years. I drive it every Sunday (weather permitting) about 15 miles. It has always lived in California in a garage. Lon Price in Santa Cruz has extensive service records and has always helped me keep the car in top shape. About 9 years ago the car was repainted in Mercedes 'Sea Green' color. The interior is the original grey cloth. It's in good condition since it has been mostly out of the sun. The headliner and some side trim have been replaced. The carpets are original and good since they have mostly had full mats on them.
Contact the owner if you want more information or wish to purchase.