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Peugeot SW8 Gas Turbo Wagon

Ad #: 00425773
Make: Peugeot
Color: Silver gray
Model: 505
Sub-model: SW8 wagon
Engine/Gearbox: N9T turbo gas / 4speed Automatic
Seller's Name: Bill Thomas
Contact Phone: 408 307 1593
Contact Email:
Car's Location: San Jose, CA
model year: 
Price: 5,500.00 $

Fully loaded with Sun Roof High highway miles, but low mileage engine and very low mileage Peugeot new head. No leaks or overheats. Very strong running car. Great for going to meets and even though 8 passenger front facing accommodations, has plenty of room for big loads with seats folded down. Title indicates it was sold in 1992. Very few of these cars still around, and very few sold in the U.S. in 1992. A Majestic Lion for sure and only one known to have short roof rack. Tires are excellent as well as battery and previous owner replaced the Ujoint, Carrier bearings, and all rear brakes. He also replaced the radiator and whatever it needed in his care. I finished by doing $300 worth of window tinting and replaced the torque converter seal and governor in the transmission. Starts and runs beautifully and certainly a rare one of the last French 8 passenger wagons brought into the U.S. If you appreciate French cars, this one is certainly a great example of their expertise in estate wagons.
Contact the owner if you want more information or wish to purchase.